No iPhone 5 Release Date for Labor Day Weekend

September 02, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Hopes of seeing the new iPhone 5 on or around the labor day weekend have all but faded, as Apple have once again failed to offer an update or details regarding a possible launch event.

No iPhone 5 Release Date for Labor Day Weekend

September 7th had long been pegged as the all important date on the calendar for devotees to be keeping an eye on, which would have had the iPhone 5 sharing the spotlight with iOS and the annual refresh of the iPod range.

Generally speaking, Apple have always held a press event in the early stages of September, so as to update products and set the record straight ahead of the Christmas buying season. Sadly, if this was to be the case this year, Apple would have already had to send out the press invites, which of course has not happened. As such, it is once again back to the rumor mill to come up with a new possible release date for the iPhone 5.

Sprint-watchers seem to think that the iPhone 5 will first be unveiled around October 7th, but will be made available for purchase some time after – the reason being that the carrier has its own press event on that day which is currently shrouded in secrecy. Verizon on the other hand are offering little to no help on the matter, having been expected to receive the iPhone 5 as early as June with nothing coming to light since.

Of course, Apple are remaining typically mum on the whole matter, but with such an array of next generation Smartphones expected to hit the shelves over the next few months, Apple are quickly running out of time for the easy ride that was theirs for the taking all summer long.

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