Newly Renovated Green Office Building Receives LEED Gold Certification

December 03, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A provider of supplemental insurance in the United States, Aflac Inc, which is founded in 1955, and based in MidTown Columbus, Georgia, has recently received and LEED Gold certification for the recent renovation of its CSC office into a green office building. USGBC or the United States Green Building Council awarded Aflac the LEED Gold certificated for the renovation of the company’s 133,000 square foot CSC office structure in to a green office building.

Newly Renovated Green Office Building Receives LEED Gold Certification

The award for the green office building, which houses the company’s marketing and sales department,  makes the first LEED certification for the city of Columbus, Georgia.

USGBC created a rating system and an independent third party for existing or preexisting building’s sustainable improvements and renovations—the LEED-CI.

Renovated green office building is rated on five main categories including: innovations in upgrades, indoor environmental quality, use of resources and materials, atmospheric quality and energy efficiency, water efficiency, and sustainable sites.

Chairman of Aflac’s employee green committee and President of Facilities, Alfred Blackmar said that the company’s LEED Gold-certified green office building marks the recent milestone on its continuous commitment for a sustainable and environment friendly building.

To accomplish the LEED-CI Gold certification, the company needs to have more than half of their construction wastes diverted from landfills.

The company also needs to have its wood-material from FSC-certified forest. FSC is one of the two international forestry certification systems established for forests and forest products.

Alfac Inc hopes that its newly renovated green office building promotes sustainable buildings to other businesses in the area.

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