New Samsung Galaxy S2 Upgrade Teased in Video

August 19, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

The Samsung Galaxy S2 has one of the largest and strongest followings of any Smartphones to arrive on US shores in recent years, which is astounding considering the device hasn’t actually arrived at all yet. As it stands, the S2 appears to be penciled in for a full public launch within the next month, which would put it right alongside it key competitor the Motorola Droid Boinic – Both of which are gunning for the elusive iPhone 5.

New Samsung Galaxy S2 Upgrade Teased in Video

However, despite the fact that the S2 is still to see the light of day in the US, there have already been stirrings regarding a possible 4GE LTE upgrade of the S2 resulting from an apparently new teaser video. As has been the style of Samsung clips before, the device itself is not actually shown, but is instead replaced by a bright light where those in the video would be holding their handsets. Furthermore, it has been suggested that Samsung are promising something big.


Observers and casual commentators alike are throwing in their own two-cents across the board already and seem to have reached a consensus that the new device will most likely be an S2 with 4G LTE capabilities and perhaps a fractionally larger screen. What seems rather odd however is the fact that the larger 4.5 inch screen is already pegged for inclusion on the T-Mobile variant of the S2, along with why exactly it would be a good idea to once again begin hugely marketing a new version when the original has yet to make its debut?

It is certainly an intriguing issue and if nothing else, Samsung have at least once again successfully got us all talking about the S2. There is of course no such thing as bad publicity and nothing gets the imagination going like a little confusion…which appears the be the forte of Smartphone manufacturers across the board this year.

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  1. Samdroid says:

    I heard it will have a 4.3 super amoled plus screen at 1280 x 720, LTE, 1.4 ghz dual core and NFC. That would make it worth the wait.

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