New Samsung Device Converts 2D Images to 3D

August 10, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd has launched the BD-DT7800, a new Freeview PVR that does not only access and record digital channels in HD, but also converts 2D images to 3D, with built in WiFi.

New Samsung Device Converts 2D Images to 3D

Released last August 11, the Samsung BD-DT7800 plugs directly to the aerial to receive Freeview in high definition picture quality.

Meanwhile, Blu-Ray products rose in sales according to Digital Entertainment Group as home entertainment spending fell 5 percent to $8.3 billion in the first half of 2011.

The Freeview PVR has twin HD tuners offering viewers the chance to watch one programme in HD, while recording another.

The Samsung device allows viewers to edit television programmes once they have finished recording them in the 500GB built-in hard disc drive for saving and playing back. Viewers can also list TV programmes in their desired order.

The scene searcher allows viewers to rewind or fast forward to seek their favourite scenes in films and TV shows by clicking on the thumbnail shots.

The Samsung Smart Hub, which is built into the BD-DT7800 and all new products in the Samsung Blu-ray and Blu-ray Home Entertainment range, provides an array of thousands of movies online, an opportunity to chat with friends on Twitter, Facebook or Skype, and a time to watch YouTube videos.

With BBC’s iPlayer, users can catch up their favorite TV programmes. The BD-DT7800 has built-in Wireless LAN, enabling users to connect to the internet without any cables.

The BD-DT7800 can also function as a Digital Media Server. Films on a laptop, images on a wireless-enabled camera or camcorder, and music on a smart phone, can be accessed through Samsung’s All Share function.

Moreover, users can playback the content through the PVR on their television. The BD-DT7800 acts as a storage hub for the home to back up files from other devices.

The BD-DT7800 can convert 2D contents into 3D, which allows viewers to watch TV programmes, personal videos and web content in full 3D, with a pair of infra-red powered 3D glasses.

The PVR not only records in 2D HD but in 3D too so viewers can re-live the experience of 3D films, and sports matches over again.

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