New Lighting Fixture Saves Hundreds of $$$

March 14, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A new lighting fixture with lower overall cost and have longer lifespan is recently introduced by a provider energy efficient and cost-effective lighting for Flat Panel Lamps — Lumiette, Inc. The new lighting fixture, Excellume™ PAR 38, according to company information, has the same lighting effects and performance of the LED lamps, but much inexpensive compared to the CFL or compact fluorescent lamps.

New Lighting Fixture Saves Hundreds of $$$

Benefits of the lighting fixture, according to the company, includes reduction of power consumption by 75 percent, has better dimming capability, and longer life-span. Power savings from the new lighting could sum up to about $112.00 — annually.

The new lighting fixture, according to Lumiette Inc, is based on the its patented FPL technology, which is said to be dimmable and can fit into any current screw-based light socket in a residential properties. According to a report, an estimated 4.7 billion existing lamp sockets are available in the United States.

Out of the 4.7, 4.3 billion are in found residential and commercial use, while 350 of it are PAR-type use, while most green homes in the country uses LEDs (light-emitting diode), a high-efficiency lighting system.

Don Emmons, Lumiette CEO said, the current lighting industry is getting brighter as new technologies sprung into the market.

Emmons also said that a federal legislation recently has decided to ban incandescent lighting by next year, and the company’s lighting fixture is said to be a better bulb for both consumers and businesses — considering the important factors like brightness, overall energy-efficiency, and costs.

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