New Green Home in Chicago Receives Highest LEED Green Points

January 11, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A new green home in Chicago recently revived the highest among the LEED certification— Platinum, according to Alliance for Environmental Sustainability, a non-profit association with a mission of offering sustainable building education. The new green home, according to AES, has received LEED Platinum, plus, achieved the highest green points recorded for the certification, about 119 points to date.

New Green Home in Chicago Receives Highest LEED Green Points

The new green home in Chicago is originally a 3,300 square feet gut-rehab project of the Helenoski residence, which is owned and built by Jacek Helenowski and designed by Mariusz Bleszynski. The LEED Platinum new green home is constructed for about four years.

Featuring a geothermal heating and cooling system, the new green home has a central cooling and/or heating system that pumps heat from or to the ground, and uses an innovative lighting system that is more efficient than LEDs—cold-cathode lighting and fixtures.

The new green home also uses 92 percent reclaimed dimensional lumber, recycled content drywall, and triple-paned wood frame windows, which are FSC certified.

For energy and power, the new green home has vertical axis wind turbine and rooftop solar power, which provide 100% of the home’s electricity needs.

Other Platinum-certified buildings in Chicago this past few years includes the Center for Neighborhood Technology, FBI Regional office, Exelon Headquaters, Greenworks Office, Hyatt Center in Chicago, Inland Empire Utilities Agency, and others.

And besides the LEED certification form the U.S. Green Building Council, the new green home also receives a Star certification from the Environmental Protection Agency of EPA, plus, 3 Stars from Chicago Homes Program.

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