National Green Office Building Gets LEED Platinum

December 16, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Construction is almost complete on the Research Support Facility, a green office building within the National Renewable Energy Laboratory site. The green office building project is considered a real-life experiment with efficiency is the main and important feature.

National Green Office Building Gets LEED Platinum

According to Jerry Blocher from Haselden Constuction, the structure is the first of its category, and the most energy proficient green office building so far in the world.

The 222,000-square feet green office building is projected to use about 50% less energy and qualifies for the United States Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Platinum rating.

A lot of the energy the green office building will utilize is from the sun—solar energy. It has a solar system constructed in the site.

Wendy Weiskopf of RNL Design, the firm who developed the green office building workspace said that building and designing efficient green office building needs commitment from its occupants.

The project features window shades that will allow sunlight to light up every workspace, and can ward off warm sun rays throughout summer months. It also has plastic tubing that delivers cooling and heating to all parts of the building that runs about 42 miles. The buildings floor plan will allow ventilation and light to circulate easily, which is helpful for the interaction among employees.

Employees of the Research Support Facility get messages from their computers when to close or open the shades of their windows.

Lights are off at night and use only on a cloudy day. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the United State’s Department of Energy are hoping that the green office building will become a model for future construction.

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