Mortgage Rates Today: PNC Bank Leaving Record Lows Behind

October 18, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

As is the case across the board with most major US lenders today, PNC Bank (NYSE:PNC) appears to have left all time record lows well and truly in the past, though this does not mean that there are not still excellent opportunities to lock in good deals across various packages. Quite the opposite in fact, as although the current terms pale in comparison to those of previous weeks, they are still quite super when compared to years gone by.

Mortgage Rates Today: PNC Bank Leaving Record Lows Behind

With regard to home purchase packages from PNC, the standard 30 year fixed term deal can today be locked in for 4.125% and a resulting APR of 4.321%, while the 15 year fixed term alternative can be taken out for 3.250% and an APR amounting to 3.583%.

The less conventional though highly popular 20 year term is today being offered for 3.875% and APR of 4.112%, while shorter 10 year deals can be locked in for 3.250% and an ARP figure of 3.519%.

Moving on to the most popular refinance deals, the 30 year fixed term package can today be taken home for 4.375% and an APR figure of 4.549%, while 15 year fixed refinance deals are at 3.625% and an APR sum of 3.958%.

All current rates are following exactly as predicted with more minor rises suggested as being on the horizon, though with little to no activity from new buyers and borrowers to speak of over recent weeks, it is unlikely that said rises will make a great deal of difference to the market as a whole.

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