More Jobs Due to More Sustainable Developments

March 02, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

AFL-CIO Housing Investment Trust or HIT is also investing on energy-efficient or sustainable developments across the United States. AFL-CIO HIT is a fixed-income investment company, and according to a recent report, is also well known for promoting sustainable developments and has a tract record for receiving Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED certification for its construction and sustainable energy strategies.

More Jobs Due to More Sustainable Developments

Inline with investing for construction and sustainable development, AL-FICIO HIT, is helping the “still-recovering” construction industry by creating more jobs. The improved focus on green building construction provides hope that can boost in employment in the country.

The HIT, do date, has financed 11 energy efficient and sustainable projects — that is worth about $274 million. All the projects are running for a LEED certification. The 11 sustainable developments, according to company information, have produced about 1,653 housing units.

It has also provided about 4,100 union construction jobs, and has pulled about an average of $660 million of sustainable development activity in Massachusetts, New York, California, and Minnesota.

HIT’s sustainable developments includes the $48 million 94-unit complex project that seeks LEED Gold Certification in San Francisco, California, which the company pledge $32.5 million. HIT also pledge $100 million for the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center in New York City, while another $55.5 million was pledge for a mixed-use community at St. Louis Park, Minnesota.

According to a prepared statement from the HIT Chief Investment Officer and Executive Vice President, Stephanie Wiggins, the company proud for its socially responsible investing on sustainable developments, because it’s the company’s way to make a positive difference in peoples lives and their communities.

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