Minor Fluctuations in Average US Mortgage Rates – Most Slightly Up

October 11, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Today sees something of a mixed bag of mortgage rates across the US, with 10 year bond yields continuing to show upward movement. While last week saw a temporary return to some of the very lowest national averages seen in over 60 years, most rates for today are somewhat on the up, though still offer excellent opportunity when compared to previous years.

Minor Fluctuations in Average US Mortgage Rates – Most Slightly Up

The average rate for a 30 year fixed term mortgage in the US today is now resting at 4.07%, which is up from the 4.05% recorded for the same product last week. Two weeks ago saw the standard 30 year rate  hit its lowest recorded level in history of just 4.00%.

15 year fixed term mortgage rates are also up with regard to the national average, this week coming out at 3.38% which is up from the 3.34% of last week.

Jumbo mortgage terms are also up, with the 30 year fixed term deal weighing in at 4.60%, which is up from the 4.46% of last week. On the other hand, the 15 year fixed term for Jumbo loans has remained unchanged from last week t average out at 3.82%.

Further minor rises are predicted for the rest of the week, though none significant enough to signal the end of a truly golden opportunity for buyers and refinancers.

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