Luxury Foreclosed Home Got Vandalized

January 19, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A million dollar foreclosed home was trashed by vandals that cause over $200,000 damaged on the property. At the height of residential foreclosures, vandalized foreclosed homes are causing huge problems for agents and banks across the United States, and the vandalized two-storey home is not a different story.

Luxury Foreclosed Home Got Vandalized

Located at Huntington Beach, California, the foreclosed home was previously estimated for $1,782,214 and is currently undergoing serious renovation before the bank can sell it again because of the “intentional damage” done on the property.

Vandals trashed a foreclosed home near Huntington Beach, a Jacuzzi left “on” for months, cement and chemicals poured in the drains, a caved in floor because of the weight of wet junk and clothes, and mold-splattered walls.

And, most of the sinks, toilets (only one toilet left), and appliances are gone. The entire drainage pipeline in the property had been clogged, which caused the pool to turn moldy- green. Decay and mold had spread around across the foreclosed home when real estate agent find out about the vandalism last Sept. 2010.

According to Orange County Register, the destruction on the foreclosed home was extensive, which is designed to cause long-term setbacks.

A real estate agent from Pacific Moon Properties said that the foreclosed home had the most intensive case of vandalism the company has seen. The 3,000-square feet home is close to a golf course within a gated community— The Peninsula at Sea Cliff, just a mile from the beach.

The renovations has recently start on January 11, 2010 due to regular legal processes, and the communication between the bank, contractors, and the outsourced company running the bank’s foreclosed home and properties.

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