Chicago Real Estate Brokerage Dream Town Welcomes Kelly Rizzo-Parker

October 04, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Chicago’s leading brokerage for real estate technology innovation, Dream Town Realty welcomed Kelly Rizzo-Parker from Rizzo Realty Group, a reputable family-owned brokerage in July 2010.

Chicago Real Estate Brokerage Dream Town Welcomes Kelly Rizzo-Parker

Dream Town Realty is considered as the leader of Chicago’s real estate industry. Its top-ranked website receives thousands of visitors and potential clients weekly.

The company provides seller services, residential buyers in commercial and international divisions.

Kelly Rizzo-Parker is from a family of brokerage; her parents are considered one of the staples of the industry. They also founded the Rizzo Realty Group in 2005, specializing in vacation homes and investment properties.

“I come from a realty family and have practically lived and breathed real estate since birth,” Mrs. Rizzo-Parker said. “Something my parents taught me from Day One is the importance of educating your client.

I learned from them how to educate clients throughout the entire process so that they feel comfortable and confident in the choices they are making.”

Rizzo-Parker comes into Dream Town Realty with an impressive and expansive client base and a number of Chicago listings. She owned several impressive properties including high-rise condominiums, investment/rental options, and single family homes.

Kelly Rizzo-Parker is also known in Chicago and around United States for her ‘Building Wealth Through Real Estate’ seminars. This educational seminar created a positive buzz among the professional and real estate industry.

“I’ve traveled around the country giving seminars to hundreds of individuals on how to educate people as to why real estate is so beneficial,” she said. “It really is the best and most secure long-term investment a person can make.”

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