Landmark Building Turned into 100% Medical Facility

March 08, 2011 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Renovation is underway for the full service real estate company — The Muller Company’s landmark building located in Laguna Hills, California. The $3 million redevelopment of the company’s landmark building, which is popularly know as the Taj Mahal Medical Center, according to company information, is to re-brand it with a new corporate identity.

Landmark Building Turned into 100% Medical Facility

The schedule for the landmark building’s renovation is for the next 15 months, but the initial stage of the construction for the 90,000 square feet, mid-rise four-level building is already in progress, with an expected completion date: springtime 2012.

The newly revamp landmark building is expected to have an additional 80 parking areas while converting current “small -sized” parking areas into “full-sized” parking spaces. Parking stalls for the handicapped will also be increased as well as updated ramps.

According to Jon M. Muller, a Principal at The Muller Company, the increasing demand for high-end medical corporate spaces, and the firm wants to make a building for medical professionals, while transforming the landmark building to stand out among other corporate facilities because of its specialized amenities.

The building is located across Saddleback Memorial Hospital in Laguna Hills that is why the firm wants to turn it into a 100 percent medical office building.

The new exterior design of the building will create a better “corporate” building identity, which aims to help visitors to navigate easily to its location. An imported marble from Greece will be used to “re-dress” the entire podium area of the Taj Mahal Medical Center.

To complete the renovation, the landmark building will also have green features including an eco-friendly landscaping, lighting system that will use LED lights, and 50 percent of the construction waste will be recycled.

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