Lancaster Go Green with New Environmental Program

February 27, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A local environmental program in Lancaster city that aims to promote sustainability and energy is set to hold two workshops for homeowners and contractors. The city’s environmental program is actually to promote lesser or reduction of energy usage for its ubiquitous row homes, because renovation to increase energy efficiency for such houses can be very challenging.

Lancaster Go Green with New Environmental Program

Another local association’s environmental program,” Go Green, Save Green” — created by the Cincinnati Preservation Association, will be presenting ways that can help homeowners transform their existing home designs into energy-saving homes.

Lancaster’s environmental program, Live Green, aims to educate homeowners and home contractors on how important it is for house, especially for row homes to “go green”.

Row homes are “linked” four or more homes or townhouses, the design originated in 17th century Europe — row homes share side walls.

The workshops for the environmental program will include methods to stop drafts, reduce energy consumption, increase resident comfort, and improve indoor air quality. Workshops are said to involve both techniques and hands-on application.

Workshops will be lead by a certified trainer from the Building Performance Institute, a national home performance and weatherization Standards and contractor credentials — A. Tamasin Sterner, and building analyst Michael Musser.

Workshops will be on Friday is going to be at Liberty Place, and Saturday’s workshop (free but there will be a $10 donation) will be at Building Character, Warehouse B.

Cost-effective ways that will be included in the environmental program include renewable energy solutions — like solar power, and how to make the any homes independent from traditional energy sources like electricity.

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