King County Sales for Waterfront Homes Rose Considerably

January 13, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Sales for King County waterfront homes in Washington are following the trend of flourishing waterfront real estate sales in Bellevue and Seattle. Overall waterfront homes sales in the area in 2010 increased significantly compared to the previous years.

King County Sales for Waterfront Homes Rose Considerably

According to an unofficial Northwest Multiple Listing Service or NWMLS statistics, about 635 waterfront homes are sold in King County for 2010, compared to just 472 homes sales in 2009.

This 35% increase in waterfront homes sales was badly wanted after the struggles of the residential real estate and luxury markets in 2008 and 2009.

The breakdowns for waterfront condos and waterfront homes were similar. A 36 percent increase is showed for waterfront homes, which is about 453 homes sold from 334 homes in 2009, while waterfront condos were less predictive but it follows the same path, about 32 percent increase or about 182 sales in 2010 compared to 138 homes sold the year before.

There is a significant spread of luxury and waterfront homes across the region, which will continue, according to NWMLS, in 2011 and hopefully, in the coming years. Certain real estate buyers in the real estate market are keen to purchasing properties that are price correctly.

Attractively-priced inventory of homes are also increasing in the King County area recently because most sellers are now realizing that the current real estate market is getting stable by the minute.

Realistic home owners are also selling waterfront homes recently, and the real estate market is benefiting from the better number of home sales with stable price.

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