KB Home’s Green Home Product Maintains Air Quality

February 03, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Los Angeles- based KB Homes, hoping to attract customers has joined in partnership with Irvine- based Boral Roofing— manufacturer of what is now popularly called as the “smog-eating tile”, a recent innovative addition to the green home product lines. The smog- eating tile is said to be suitable among homes in Southern California. The green home product is a concrete roof tile that is said to counteract against smog- forming nitrogen, which are emitted by automobiles into the air.

KB Home’s Green Home Product Maintains Air Quality

Last summer, the national homebuilder, KB Homes had a special initial demonstration in Lancaster on the green home product, which attracted several eager responses from the public.

According to the a press release, because of the public’s eager response, KB Homes will be offering the green home product— smog- eating tile to all its housing projects in Southern California.

Kb Homes will be offering the roof- tile to 25 of its housing developments in San Bernardino and Riverside counties.

In several communities, the green home product comes standard, but upgrades are available on an extra $800, an average.

KB Home’s Southern California division president, Steve Ruffner, pollution from automobiles in California is a serious issue and the new cutting- edge product would be very useful.

The vice president for Boral Roofing, John Renowden said, if the roof- tile is installed on numerous homes, it can improve the neighborhood’s air quality. The smog- reducing ability of the tile is expected to last for about 25 years.

The smog- reducing ability of KB Home and Booral Roofing’s green home product is proven in intensive field studies and laboratory testing.

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  1. LemonMeister says:

    How much toxic waste does it take to make a smog eating tile? How bad will someone be poisoned when the dust from these tiles end up in the swimming pool? Just Google “KB Home Sucks”, KB Home should just try to stick to building a home not these PR gimmicks. The trouble is they can’t build a quality home. FTC Consent order violators, if they built a good home and didn’t lie about it in advertising they wouldn’t have the Federal Trade Commission Consent order forcing them to satisfy the home buyer. If your not satisfied with your home for any reason, KB Home is to buy back the home – just another lie as KB IGNORES YOUR COMPLAINTS. Good luck with the roof tile shenanigans KB!

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