John Dixon & Associates Auctions Foreclosed Properties

November 11, 2010 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

Roughly hundreds of foreclosed properties are to be sold on a November 30, 2010 major auction conducted by John Dixon & Associates, which is based in Marietta, Georgia. The foreclosed properties include hundreds of restaurants, land tracks, residential lots, and other commercial assets.

John Dixon & Associates Auctions Foreclosed Properties

The auction for the foreclosed properties will feature properties that are going to be sold in groups ranging from 1 site to 109.

According to the president of John Dixon & Associates, the auction company, about 600 residential real estates will be sold among the foreclosed properties.

John Dixon also said that the mortgage crisis and housing slump is very unfortunate for it resulted to a number of foreclosed properties. He also said that the situation will also generate opportunities to people who have the ability to see the worth of acquiring properties in the recent market.

The auctioneer believes that there would be a strong public interest, based on the company’s recent results, and the company also has similar successful sales a few weeks back.

John Dixon has been in the auction business for more than 30 years, selling real estate properties.

Other smart properties to be sold in the auction include big and small acreage tracts, a townhouse on Lake Oconee, commercial land, retail locations, and commercial buildings.

About 14 properties among the foreclosed properties will be sold with no reservation or minimum bid—that is absolute. According to Dixon, it is essential that people act to ensure that that can get the foreclosed properties they want on the auction day.

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