iPhone 5 Rumors Continue to Shed Little Light

September 05, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

While we would expect the iPhone 5 rumors to gradually clear up and narrow down as the launch date draws ever closer, the mirror opposite is in fact the case. From leaks to guesses to elaborate works of fiction, the web is simply peppered with kernels of wisdom here and there, compounding the whole subject and leaving the poor reader with little other than a mess of epic proportions.

iPhone 5 Rumors Continue to Shed Little Light

However, for those willing to collate everything offered, dispatch the plain ridiculous right off the bat and apply a little common sense reasoning to the rest, a few snippets seem to hold far more water than the rest.

For examples, a new iPhone of one form or another looks set to ship during October, most likely across all four major US networks. Larger screen or not, the resolution will be the same and the device will perhaps carry the name of the iPhone 4S or the iPhone 5.

The chances of the new device running on the 4G networks of Sprint and Verizon are slim, but it is likely that performance will be improved across the board – if not quite up to 4G standards.

Finally, it can be taken pretty much as gospel that there will also be a cheaper version of the iPhone hitting the shelves later this year, offering a maximum of 8GB storage.

Needless to say, this barely even scratches the surface with regard to the encyclopedia of guesses and ‘leaks’ doing the rounds at any one time, but for those more inclined to go with the safest bets rather than simply stabbing in the dark, the above represents the very best there is to go on…for now at least.

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