iPhone 4S = iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Expected Next?

October 11, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Whether or not a new generation of the iPhone is indeed in the pipeline, many industry observers are beginning to feel as though Apple are somewhat losing the plot when it comes to actually naming the various generations of the device, in light of the recently released iPhone 4S. Despite the connotations of the new offering being the fourth generation, it has been suggested that the next release may be none other than the iPhone 6, which may make logical sense.

iPhone 4S =  iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 Expected Next?

Last year’s original iPhone 4 was the very first to get its name fully correct and simple since the introduction of the original iPhone. The second generation was given the oft confusing handle of the iPhone 3G in light of its network technology, while the following and almost correctly named product was the equally garbled iPhone 3GS.

Now, the new iPhone 4S is essentially the fifth generation iPhone, which has led many to believe that Apple has indeed done the product and the company as a whole a discredit by naming the product in line with the fourth generation.

Needless to say, in light of massive expectations and the potential for sales of a biblical level, Apple are almost certain to go with the iPhone 5 handle at some point next year with whatever they may have up their sleeves, though technically speaking it will indeed be the sixth generation of the device.

Either way, impatient consumers are being advised not to hold their breath, as it is unlikely that the new iPhone 4S will be done away with at any point in the near future. It is more than likely that when the next iteration of the iPhone comes about it will be at least two years since the iPhone 4 was introduced, which would essentially mean that in a massive break to previous trends, a single generation of the iPhone will have been kept for an unprecedented 24 months.

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