IPad 3 on the Way

October 17, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

News has recently been released by Susquehanna Financial analyst Jeff Fidacaro, that Apple’s 3rd generation tablet has been sent to production. Evidence also shows that the number of iPads being produced will be significantly greater than previous models. The numbers have jumped from 11 to 13 million, to 12 to 14 million. Due to earlier production runs, Apple is able to be working on 3 different versions of the iPad tablet at the same time. Last month’s supply check did not show any iPad 3′s on the radar, but since this month’s check has come out, between 600,000 and a million iPad builds are being seen.

IPad 3 on the Way

Apple intends to launch iPad 3 in the beginning of 2012. Although All Things D approximates that the iPad 3 tablet will be available in March. Since we have seen this previous year 2 iPad additions come out on March 11, this seems a close enough approximation.

Since Apple’s iPad 3 is now competing with Amazon’s Kindle Fire, Apple has no choice but to lower their price in the upcoming addition. In Taiwan and China there have been murmurings of an “iPad mini.” Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White stated that the mini refers to the price and is in no way implying that the “mini iPad” will have a smaller form. This “mini iPad” will essentially come as an addition to the iPad 3. However this “mini Ipad” is still a rumor since Apple has not as of yet confirmed this. However should a “mini iPad” be released it would be released in addition to the iPad 3, and approximately at the same time, White affirmed.

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