Internet-connected LG Refrigerator Saves Energy Consumption

August 02, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

An LG refrigerator has largely contributed to the homeowners’ efforts toward saving energy and other optimization endeavors in the household.

Internet-connected LG Refrigerator Saves Energy Consumption

The device comes after Samsung bared its newly created refrigerator that allows users to access Google Calendar, Epicurious for recipes, Pandora radio for entertainment, and Picasa Web Albums to keep photos on the LCD screen that comes with apps loaded already.

The home device’s “network connectivity” allows the appliances to communicate with the Internet and other connected devices at home like computers, tablets, and smartphones. The device also allows homeowners to pre-heat their oven via their smartphone. By the time they get home, they will only have to visit their “take-n-bake” pizza shortly.

The LG refrigerator has a built-in smart grid technology that helps to save electricity at its most expensive rate. The home device does this by getting real-time information about the electricity rate from the utility company.

LG Electronics has recently launched the smart grid technology in Fort Collins. The device is expected to help homeowners save electric consumption in the following years.

Giving her projection of the future features and services of refrigerators, Katherine Tweed of Greentech Media, said these devices will soon tell homeowners if their food is spoiling or text them if they left the door open.

Another application expected to be incorporated in a smart refrigerator is its ability to remind homeowners if they are cooking with a missing ingredient or item. Subsequently, the smart LG device sends the item to a grocery list.

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