Interest in Housing Market/Careers Renewed

September 12, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

In the past five years, housing market/careers have not seemed lucrative. In fact, many real estate agents migrated to jobs in property management due to the lack of activity in real estate sales. As might have been expected, the upturn in the real estate market aroused interest in careers in that business once again.

Interest in Housing Market/Careers Renewed

Many formerly licensed agents and Realtors are now contemplating a return to the careers they were forced to leave. Opportunities are once again opening up for both new and returning agents and Realtors. In many areas the prices of homes are rising. As more of the foreclosed properties are sold, that will continue to clear the way for a return to normalcy. Everyone needs to live somewhere and for a time rental units provided that somewhere.

That trend seems to be turning around. In cities like Miami, the price houses are sold for is up. Although many depressed areas have a long way to go, experts say it is only a matter of time until the nation is once again displaying a healthy return to housing market/careers.

As reported by the Nevada Dept. of Business and Industry, the first half of 2012 produced 917 new real estate agents and brokers in the state. The real estate agents who passed the licensing exam numbered 759 and the brokers 158. That was a 22 percent rise compared to 2011′s first six months.

The increased number of students taking prelicensing classes shows a renewed interest in real estate as a career choice. The Americana Real Estate Academy reports the highest number of students in the last two years. The course presented includes 18 five-hour classes. Subjects include principles, law and practice as related to the industry. The academy’s success is exemplified by the 97 percent of students who pass the licensing exam after completing the classes.

The student body is comprised of a mixed group including the currently unemployed, those from other fields seeking a change and returning agents who wish to renew the career they abandoned out of necessity during the recession. The preparatory course is offered for approximately $400.

Other signs of renewed interest in housing market/careers are the increase in membership count of realtor’s associations. In 2007, the Greater Las Vegas Assoc. of Realtors had 17,478 members. During the recession it plummeted to less than 11,000. In August of 2012, the Nevada Assoc. of Realtors had a membership of 13,458.

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