Intel—the World’s Largest Green Electricity Consumer

February 04, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Green electricity is made popular lately inline with United States’ goal for sustainability and clean energy for the environment. According to the recent report from the EPA— the U.S’ Environmental Protection Agency that is in- charge with protecting the environment and human health, Intel— an American global technology company, has purchased about 2.5 billion kilowatts of green electricity.

Intel—the World’s Largest Green Electricity Consumer

Intel, according to the report, has purchased green electricity including solar wind, small hydro, geothermal, and biomass, which covers about 88 percent of the company’s power consumption.

The company’s large consumption green electricity makes it the largest buyer for green energy in the United States.

According to the EPA, Intel’s acquired green power is said to be equivalent to avoiding carbon dioxide emissions from about 218,000 American homes.

But, there are also several companies who also buy and use green electricity, even if the companies do not acquire as much as green power as Intel.

The other companies that use green power supply includes HSBC North America— with 300 million kWh, Whole Foods Market— 817 million kWh, and Kohl’s with about 1.42 billion kWh.

Renewable energy like green sustainable energy from naturally replenished sources like the sun, wind, rain, geothermal energy, and tides, are said to provide about 18 percent of the total consumed electricity worldwide.

In total, Green Power Partnership’s top 50 associate organizations are said to be using more than 13 billion kilowatts of green electricity annually, which is equivalent to more than 1 million of carbon dioxide produced from electricity consumed by the average American homes.

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