Ice Chunks and Water Damage Homes and Roads in Iowa, Pennsylvania

February 21, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Melting snow and heavy rains has forced the water of the Des Moines River of its banks, which flooded and damaged homes along the river near Fort Dodge. On Sunday, chunks of ice has flooded the river and forced the residents to evacuate. There has been flash-flood warning since Saturday, February 19. According to residents in the area, water was already coming on roads, and as the river rose, it has now damaged homes near it.

Ice Chunks and Water Damage Homes and Roads in Iowa, Pennsylvania

The flash-floods in Sunset Bay, Oregon has forced forced residents out of their homes as strong water current damaged residential properties along the Cattaraugus Creek.  The flooding is also caused by large chunks of ice that jammed the creek.

Some residents left over the weekends but some stayed behind. According to a report, more than a dozen homes suffered from water damage in the area.

According to the sheriff’s office at Webster County, electricity and gas supply in the damaged by water areas needs to be shut off to avoid further accidents.

Monday’s water level has fallen slightly but it’s still expected to raise during the evenings, said Tony Jorgensen from the Webster County Emergency Management Coordinator, which will add even more water damage.

And, besides the flooding in the area, most residents are going to deal with damaged homes because of the large chunks of ice, which are flooding the river into their backyards.

About 21 counties in the state of Iowa are under flash flood warning since Saturday. On Sunday, thousand of the homes and establishments in the north side experienced power loss because of heavy winter storms and ice.

Flash-flood warnings are still on in Northwest Iowa and in the areas near Des Moines River. About 15 water-damaged homes are recorded in the Breen Addition neighbourhood caused by the chunks of ice.

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