Huge European Solar Power Plant on Photovoltaic Panels

February 25, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Following general worldwide trend of usage of renewable energy and planned expansion of number of solar power systems in US, ET Solar Group Corporation has completed the 2.9MW ground-mounted solar power plant operating on photovoltaic panels for Wattner AG. The solar power plant has been connected to the national grid on December last year to produce 2.6 million kWh for German electric consumers.

Huge European Solar Power Plant on Photovoltaic Panels

ET Solar Group, which is also currently in talks with Zen Technologies for the shipment of 12MW black mono-crystalline modules in the first half of 2011 for Australian market, has served as EPC contractor and solar photovoltaic panels supplier for Wattner. The solar power plant focuses its operations in Frankenberg to reduce carbon emission rate down to 45,000 tons in 30 years time. It covers 6.5 hectares of land area.

Based in Nanjing, China, ET Solar Group has engineered the third ground-mounted solar power plant for Wattner that operates in Germany. The construction started on September 2010. Materials used to construct and mount the three separate solar photovoltaic power plant sites were procured by ET Solar Group using its solar modules in Germany totaling over 6.2MW.

Dr. Linhui Sui, ET Solar’s European system operations head, said the completed third solar photovoltaic power plant has proven ET Solar’s capability to design a strong internal module supply, affirming the company’s “track record in the world’s leading photovoltaic market.”

For years, ET Solar Group and subsidiaries, including the ones in Pleasanton and Munich, have been operating in Spain, Germany, America, and other parts of the globe as a solar power systems manufacturer. It produces upstream and downstream applications and delivers solar power systems equipment which includes ingots and wafers, solar modules, photovoltaic systems, and trackers.

Guido Ingwer, Managing Partner of Wattner, commended ET Solar’s prompt completion of the solar photovoltaic power plant despite severe weather conditions in Frankenberg.

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