HTC Vigor Resurfaces at Verizon As HTC Rezound

October 15, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

HTC Vigor for Verizon seems to be getting closer to a reality.  New information indicates that the new phone will be called  the HTC Rezound.  From all indications it seems it will be a competitive phone with a dual processor, 4G LTE, and is a touch screen.  This leak came from Verizon’s computer system.  It is unknown exactly when the phone will be available or how much it will cost.

HTC Vigor Resurfaces at Verizon As HTC Rezound

In the past it was thought that the new phone would be announced next week but as Google is set to announce the Samsung Galaxy Nexus next week it is unclear if that will still happen.  Another source shows the phone being set to hit the market anytime between now and May of 2012 at a price of just under $300.  It is still too unsure to say.

It does look more likely to happen and it seems like when the phone arrives it will have global capabilities and Android gingerbread for its operating system.  The touch screen looks to be 720p HD.

So the name Vigor was just the phone’s working name and it looks like HTC Rezound will be its marketed name.   Either way it is the same phone with the same great specs.

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