HTC Sensation XL Revealed

October 10, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

HTC has at long last officially revealed the new Sensation XL, which is pegged as THE device to attract music lovers. Questions will undoubtedly be asked as to whether it will put up much of a fight against the iPhone 4S or indeed the iPod Touch, but what cannot be questioned is the fact that the device is quite simply stunning.

HTC Sensation XL Revealed

According to industry insights, HTC is embarking upon a brand new strategy with the new Sensation XL, which includes the use of the Sensation branding which is enormously popular, plus the inclusion of the ridiculously cool Beats by Dre logo on the phone itself.

So, can the phone really hold its own against the likes of Apple, not to mention the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Motorola Droid Bionic?

This of course depends on what the buyer is looking for, but for all-round entertainment, particularly music and video, the XL is hard to beat. The gorgeous white casing sports a massive 4.7 inch screen, which although has a less than spectacular 400 x 800 resolution is still eye-popping to say the least.

16 GB of onboard storage is enough for a decent library of tunes and can of course be upgraded by microSD card. The phone is fast, functional and fashionable to the highest order, making it a truly worthy competitor in its own right.

The XL is being marketed as a music phone, which would instantly make direct comparisons to all round pocket-PCs somewhat unfair. Nevertheless this is of course exactly what most will be doing, therefore it remains to be seen how the public reacts once the XL finds it way well and truly into circulation.

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