Housing Organization Closed in Dakota

January 24, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A Dakota nonprofit housing organization has closed after it lost its federal funding because of some discrimination complaints. Cheryl Bergian, Board member says that the Dakotas housing organization—Fair Housing lost the federal funding because of a discrimination case filed by a fired director— Kourtney Hollingsworth last June for poor performance.

Housing Organization Closed in Dakota

The former director of the housing organization claims that she was fired because of her color and because she questioned how the Fair Housing use its federal housing grant from the U.S Housing and Urban Development.

Bergian says the Housing and Urban development or HUD requires that the case be resolved but that hasn’t happened.  A spokeswoman from HUD declined to comment on the reason behind the housing organization’s closed funding or whether the discrimination case was the reason for closed fund.

Several of Hollingsworth claims were backed up by Tracie Shaw, another “former” office manager in Fair Housing in a similar complaint.

Jane Goin, HUD spokeswoman in Denver said the housing organization was awarded a three- year grant in 2007 for about $661,637, but since then, the organization wasn’t able to receive further federal housing grant because, according to Goin, the nonprofit ceased to boast a capacity to follow by the requirements set for the grant.

Dakotas Labor Department forwarded the cases to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission to avoid a probable conflict of interest since the department has a close connection with Fair Housing.

Bismarck-based housing organization fought housing discrimination in South Dakota and North Dakota and offered various services including counseling and housing assistance.

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