Hot Water Now Boiling for Public Housing

March 10, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Residents of a public housing in Iwilei, Hawaii can now enjoy taking a bath for Governor Neil Abercrombie assured them hot water service. The public housing residents were not able to have any hot water for years due to maintenance problems, according to a report, but the governor promised to take a quick look at that problem.

Hot Water Now Boiling for Public Housing

In Manhattan New York, another public housing, Frederick Douglass Houses, is experiencing maintenance and repair problems, which are left unnoticed by the New York City Housing Authority.

Gov. Neil Abercrombie visited Mayor Wright Homes, the public housing complex in Iwilei, and said the residents need not to worry about the problem because it will be prioritized and dealt with as soon as possible.

According to the president of Mayor Wright Tenants Association, Fetu Kolio, about six of 35 residential buildings in the public housing have no hot water.

The Hawaii Public Housing Authority’s executive director, Denise Wise said the state administration already given the go signal for the agency’s maintenance and repair budget request for the upcoming two-year budget period. Wise also said that Gov. Abercrombie is the first to fund the public housing’s maintenance request in a long time.

Hawaii Public Housing Authority is planning to repair the old solar water heating system at the public housing, while the state will be installing tank less gas water heaters in the building units to supply the hot water, for the meantime.

About 25 percent of the total units in the public housing have tank less heaters installed. There are about 364 apartment units in the housing complex without hot water. Expected completion date for the tankless heater installation in the public housing is on July.

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