Hospitals Promotes Green Initiatives

January 18, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

For hospitals, adopting green initiatives can be very challenging. However, the today’s health care industry has been adopting important changes so that healthcare facilities adopt green initiatives but to become stewards of the environment and not only stewards of patients.

Hospitals Promotes Green Initiatives

According to Llora Wonder, the vice president of marketing for Medline Industries, a health care products maker, because of the need for infection control and their 24-hour nature, historically, hospitals have been among the biggest producers of waste and great consumers of electricity and water in a community.

But, according to Wonder, numerous hospitals have now launched green initiatives to preserve resources, lower their consumption expenditures and reduce their negative effects on the environment.

Facilities trying to promote green initiatives are centering on two key problem areas: curtailing water consumption and reducing waste.

Hospitals generate approximately 6.9 million tons of waste yearly, according to an environmental blog— The Green Lantern. The cost has encouraged hospitals to initiate several waste reduction and green initiatives, such as:

* Replacing disposable tableware, plates, and cups in food service and cafeterias with reusable items.

* Using rechargeable batteries in hospital equipment everytime possible.

* Remanufacturing and reprocessing certain low- risk devices, like general- use surgical scissors, pressure infuser bags, elastic bandages, and tourniquet cuffs.

There are about 11,000 community and registered hospitals across the United States, according to the American Hospital Association. According to, a recent study on Boston- area hospitals found out that about 40 to 350 gallons of water are consumes per patient a day. That is why most hospitals today are adopting green initiatives to help preserve the environment.

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