Home with Sustainable Designs Built in Canton

February 02, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Habitat for Humanity Fulton County encouraged by Habitat for Humanity International has built Canton, a city in West Central Illinois’, first green home with sustainable designs. The home with is located at 328 W Locust St., Canton, which is integrated with as many sustainable designs as the builder can put in it.

Home with Sustainable Designs Built in Canton

According to Habitat of Fulton County’s Executive Director, Loren Blackfelner, the fist step the organization did is to find a funding for the home that will promote sustainable designs.

Habitat corporate sponsor, Lowes Building Materials— retailer for building plans and materials, offered the funding grant to Habitat of Fulton County to advocate sustainable designs on their homes.

Wells Fargo Banking’s mortgage division that offers grant to non- profit- organization, which is also involved in helping community development and education grants $15,000 for Habitat’s first green home in Canton.

The banks local branch, Wells Fargo’s Canton Branch will also dedicate about 200 working hours on the home project and ensure that only sustainable designs and environment- friendly material are incorporated in it.

The 24 Hours Of Homelessness program of Spoon River College’s Habitat Campus Chapter also raised money and got involved with the project. The campus chapter also helped and offered working hours on the project, and each of Habitat Fulton’s housing projects.

Other residents also provided supplies and materials for the home such as recycled window from a remodeled home, storm door, dishwasher, and interior doors from other remodels.

Blackfelner said that the construction of Canton’s first green home with sustainable designs will no be possible without the help of other organizations.

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