Highest LEED Award Goes to MEI’s Corporate Headquarters

March 25, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Nebraska’s first LEED Platinum certification is Morrissey Engineering Inc’s corporate headquarters in Omaha. The 4940 Building, MEI’s corporate center is said to be the state’s first building to receive the highest LEED certification under the LEED for New Construction Rating System, which is created by the United States Green Building Council, and was also certified by GBCI or Green Building Certification Institute.

Highest LEED Award Goes to MEI’s Corporate Headquarters

In Iowa, inline with LEED office buildings, Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s headquarters has been awarded with LEED Platinum certification from the USGBC. Every part of the new office building, according to company information, is designed to promote energy efficiency. The corporate headquarters is said to be Iowa’s fifth LEED Platinum building among the 60 properties with the LEED designation.

Green initiatives and features integrated in MEI’s corporate headquarters includes a recycling stations, showers with changing rooms, bike storage, and a parking for fuel-efficient automobiles, recycling stations, and carpools.

Other sustainable design in the 15,580 square feet corporate headquarters include low-flow water and plumbing fixtures, a wind turbine for renewable energy production, occupant-sensing lighting control, daylight harvesting, reflective roofing, while parking lot used paving materials that lessen heat absorption.

The all-electric corporate headquarters, according to the report emits 40 percent less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, uses 45 percent total energy from renewable sources, while 6 percent of the total energy consumption of the building is generated by the onsite wind turbine, and is using 46 percent lesser potable water.

The office center also use recycled building materials and recycled rainwater through an onsite on-site pond for landscape irrigation. According company information, the new corporate headquarters’ green features help reduce its total utility cost by 40 percent.

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