High Tech Methods Successful for Realtors

May 30, 2012 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Real estate agents are using new ways to close the deal. One such method is a software program called QR Code, short for Quick Response Code. This is made possible because more people now own smart phones that make use of QR readers.

High Tech Methods Successful for Realtors

They can view houses on the first day they are listed.  The realtors can see who looks at the homes. Real estate agents in Coachella Valley use this and other techniques to connect with potential buyers. Social media are used as well; Facebook is one example.

Tablets can also be used by on-the-go people to view properties. Realtors find that shoppers download an app and use it to search properties. One such app is called the House Hunter. It uses a system to score each property so people can find a house with the features they are looking for.

You can find out things such as size of the yard, whether it has a pool and how close it is to the local school. As of August 2010, 57 percent of sales were made as a result of an Internet contact. Tablets were something Realtors use to remain in touch with the searching public. Some, however, cannot afford to make the investment in technology due to the slow market.

Agents who are part of the California Realtors Desert Association get together to remain updated on issues having to do with the industry. Twitter and YouTube are possible ways to make a connection with buyers. There are also websites where shoppers spend over fifteen minutes. Social media is used for much more than socializing.

Establishing personal relationships is one way to ensure sales. Networking with other agents is key to finding the right buyer for a property.

Real estate agents find it easier to deal with clients who are well informed. It allows them to focus in on exactly what they want. They can avoid viewing 25 properties instead of the 7 that have all the amenities they are looking for.

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