Habitat Dedicates First Newly- Built Home in Morgan County

February 07, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A dedication ceremony Habitat of Humanity’s first newly- built home in Morgan County, Indiana, was held last Saturday morning, February 5, 2011, and was attended by only 20 people, who were all involved in the home project because of the road to the newly- built home is too icy for travel.

Habitat Dedicates First Newly- Built Home in Morgan County

The dedication ceremony was held at Union Chapel.

Habitat’s newly- built home stands on a 1.5-acre lot at Birch Grove Lane, which, according to a press release, was purchased at a lower cost.

Habitat for Humanity of the Eastern Panhandle’s executive director Ashley Laton said, some of the lots are donated by various individuals and group organizations.

The newly- built home was constructed for a single- parent with two kids, Staci Horner. It has three bedrooms with about 1,100 square feet space area, and one bathroom.

According to Judith Boykin, a Habitat board member, the newly- built home is for a working mother who met the require qualifications to apply for a Habitat for Humanity home.

Horner is said to have worked more than 500 hours for the construction of her home, and is able to pay an affordable mortgage for it.

Boykin said that Habitat for Humanity builds decent, affordable and simple homes so that low- income families can afford.

Most of the volunteers were Horner’s friend and local residents in the area, who helped cut the trees to clear the area and build the home “from top to bottom”.

An open house on the newly- built home is being planned for public viewing.

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