Green Jobs, Available in Ohio

February 14, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Montgomery County, Ohio has 1,400 current manufacturing sites and about 400 sites still available for manufacturing businesses, and the rate of finding green jobs in the green industry is high in the state, according to the people who attended the Green Energy Ohio, last Friday, which was held at the Dayton Convention Center. The two-day conference (February 11-12, 2011), which focuses on alternative energy source, attracted 60-plus exhibitors and sponsors, and about 263 registrants.

Green Jobs, Available in Ohio

In a recent survey published in January 2011 about green jobs, the state of California added considerable number of opportunities for people looking for green jobs in the state since 2009. By 2009, about 174,000 Californians are working for eco-friendly companies across the state, according to a nonprofit research group Next 10

A nonprofit organization, Green Energy Ohio, is dedicated to promoting economically and environmentally sustainable energy regulations and practices in Ohio.

It’s the first time for the organization to hold the two-day event in Dayton, with the theme: “Ohio Leads the Way: Green Markets and Green Jobs”.

Day one, Friday, focuses on business opportunities and green jobs. For day two, the conference was open to the public for job training and consumer issues.

According to the Environmental Law & Policy Center’s business specialist, Ashley Craig, her firmed confirmed 63 firms in Ohio are serving solar power, and about 106 confirmed Ohio firms are serving the wind power business, but there are still other firms not accounted on her report.

Craig also said that Ohio is perfectly situated to profit from renewable energy.

In Dayton alone, there are many people with the required “skills” to apply for green jobs, and in the green manufacturing industry including cutters, welders, and etc, compared to other regions around the area.

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