Green Home for Less Than $300?

July 29, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An architect from California has come up with a hybrid green home that recently bagged a prize during the $300 House competition launched by both the Harvard Business Review blog and Ingersoll Rand Center for Energy Efficiency and Sustainability.

Green Home for Less Than $300?

Joseph Sandy integrated recycled, low-cost materials into a simple, efficient home amid challenges he faced in the course of planning for the hybrid green home.

According to Sandy ,his long-standing passion for building and design led him to the University of California at Berkeley where he graduated with a BA in Architecture in 2004.

After completing his degree, Sandy worked for an architect/developer/builder in Southern California, and then an architecture firm specializing in senior housing and assisted living communities in Northern California.

Sandy utilized basic materials such as ply wood planks, earth, and corrugated iron, which are usually found in slum housing. The green home was formed using compressed earth blocks around a lightweight wooden frame.

The hybrid house needs little air conditioning with its complete wood shutters, enabling the green home to make the most of natural cross breezes.

Sandy said the basic strategy of his design will cost less than $100.

However, he added his imagination never stops at one point. He planned to reach towards a greater communityto cluster individual houses around central courts, each containing communal facilities such as a solar panel, solar cooker, and a solar water purifier that drains to a communal planter in the center.

He is currently doing freelance work, while also attending the University of Southern California to receive his Masters of Architecture.

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