Green Home Builders’ Green Home Receives Award

November 24, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

A green home created by designer David King and builder Asher Nichols—known green home builders, is on the right tract to accept Lexington Kentucky’s premier green home rating. The home designed by the green home builders is expected to be awarded with the second highest level—Gold. The award will be given by LEED for Homes plan by the United States Green Building Council.

Green Home Builders’ Green Home Receives Award

Green home builders David King and Asher Nichols are from David L. King Architects of Boston and Chestnut Hill’s Asher Nichols & Craftsmen, LLC.

The home is located in Lexington’s Five Fields community at 1 Stonewall Road. It was situated on the site to make the most of the southern sun coverage in the house’s public spaces.

Tall trees and mature rhododendrons were also preserved in the home’s surrounding area to provide shade and privacy.

The green home builders also designed an underground rainwater gathering system that will be used to water shrubs and the lawns. They also designed a patio and driveway with permeable surfaces reducing rain runoff.

Other green features designed by the green home builders include Energy Star-rated equipments, R43 rated walls, low flow water equipments, dual flush toilets, geothermal heating system, and no VOC on the home’s floors and walls.

The home’s energy efficiency is measured by Andrew Clemons from Green Stamp Insulation Company. Its energy efficiency was measured by the amount of air that flows in and out of the house.

The home designed by the green home builders was listed and closed for about $411 per square foot or $1 point 29 million.

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