Go Green Products Developed in Arkansas Uses Nanoparticles

December 09, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

NanoMech and Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Arkansas based firms are teaming up to develop go green products— composite construction materials. The two Arkansas-based firms are working together to develop the advance go green products for construction since spring this year.

Go Green Products Developed in Arkansas Uses Nanoparticles

The go green products will widen Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies’ competitive edge in the sustainable construction materials market.

AERT is a known producer of recycled polyethylene plastic and in manufacturing composite building materials. The firm is considered as a leader for resource conservation.

NanoMech is a leading global product manufacturer and an innovative nanoparticle designer.

Nanoparticles are known to contribute stronger, cleaner, lighter, and “smarter” systems and surfaces. The particles are also used in manufacturing crack- resistant paints, transparent sunscreens, self-cleaning windows, stain-repellent fabrics, and others.

According to Joe Brooks, AERT Chairman, the firm saw a future for the new line of go green products for both advanced as well as composites additives in a recycled polyethylene compounds.

Brooks also said that AERT and NanoMech are both doing their parts in achieving a more sustainable environment, and with NanoMech’s advance and innovative nano-technologies will allow AERT to obtain a ‘quantum leap’ with the whole generation of innovative and new products.

Jim Phillips, NanoMech Chairman said the firm is pleased with its partnership with Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies.

The two firms has recently presented a sample of their new go green products, a composite technology for the first nano wood/plastic to Governor Mike Beebe in Little Rock, Arkansas.

The go green products the firms developed are produced in Arkansas.

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