GM Auto Complex Receives LEED Silver Certification

December 06, 2010 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

General Motors dealership has recently built an auto complex in Chicago, Illinois, and it is called Grossinger City Autoplex. The auto complex is not the first building the dealer builds in the state, but it is the first to have a LEED Silver Certification.

GM Auto Complex Receives LEED Silver Certification

The auto complex receives the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or commonly called as LEED, specifically a Silver certification for a 2.2 program, a New Construction Version.

LEED or the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is a program, which is a globally recognized certification system for green buildings and is established by the Unites States Green Building Council (USGBC).

The program promotes a whole-building sustainability approach. It also recognizes and rates a building through five major categories of environmental and human health, including materials selection, indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency, water savings, and sustainable site development.

The new auto complex, Grossinger City Autoplex made several efforts such as reusing 95 percent of its original structure to be sustainable and environment friendly.

To reduced energy consumption, the auto complex use efficient light fixtures. It also uses low-flow water devices that can save about 30 percent of the facility’s water usage.

Grossinger City Autoplex added preferred parking areas for bicycle storage and low-emitting vehicles. It also feature new fans and exhaust filtration system to improve indoor air quality in its service areas and showrooms, as well as a newly improved insulation for a more building efficiency.

The auto complex sells leading automobile brands like Prius, Camry, Tahoe, Escalade, Toyota, Scion, Chevrolet, and Cadillac.

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