GE Energy Maximizes Grid Efficiency with Distribution Automation Controllers

August 12, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

GE Energy has released its new platform of Multilin Distribution Automation (DA) Controllers: Voltage Regulator Controller, Capacitor Bank Controller and Field RTU, key building blocks of GE’s (NYSE: GE) advanced distribution automation solutions that enable utilities to optimize voltage levels, reduce power losses, and decrease outage duration.

GE Energy Maximizes Grid Efficiency with Distribution Automation Controllers

“We understand the challenges utilities face trying to address growing demand for power and an aging distribution infrastructure,” said Juan Macias, general manager of GE’s Smart Substation business.

On July 2011, GE Energy acquired Ireland-based FMC-Tech, a provider of smart grid technology equipment offering real-time power line monitoring capabilities.

“We continue to develop and invest in advanced technologies that enable our utility customers to realize real gains in operational efficiency and reliability,” Macias added.

Macias said that With the launch of our new platform of Distribution Automation Controllers and the acquisition of FMC-Tech, GE Energy is “able to provide distribution utilities with the key building blocks required to effectively manage critical distribution assets, ensuring improved grid efficiency and reliability.”

When deployed as part of a voltage and VAR control solution that includes voltage regulators and capacitor banks, GE’s DA Controllers provide utilities with the advanced technologies to optimize grid efficiency through peak load shaving and reduced power losses. They also provide asset visualization through advanced power quality measurements.

GE’s DA Controllers provide fast and accurate detection of power system outages reducing typical outage time from hours to minutes.

GE’s DA Controllers are part of its broad-based portfolio of technologies designed to increase the “efficiency” of its electrical infrastructure even more all along the energy value chain.

Whether it is supply-side efficiency technologies that focus on generating and distributing electricity, such as the Multilin line, or demand-side technologies that help consumers change their energy habits, GE Energy said it is focused on providing integrated solutions to meet its 21st century energy needs.

The announcement followed GE’s aid for Vietnam’s economic growth with new custom-designed fixed series capacitor banks that will improve energy reliability and efficiency for Power Transmission Company No. 2 (PTC2), a key subsidiary of National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT) and state utility Electricity of Vietnam (EVN).

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