Gamesa Opens Fifth Factory in China

June 08, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Turbine manufacturer Gamesa has inaugurated its fifth factory for Nacelles for G9x-2.0MW in China.

Gamesa Opens Fifth Factory in China

The new facility is located in Jilin province, propping up Gamesa’s presence in the country where it already has four factories, including blades, generators, nacelle and gearbox assembly.

Currently, another two plants of Gamesa are underway in Tianjin and Inner Mongolia.

Late last month, Gamesa has bared plans to diversify its line of products to venture into new green technology investments in photovoltaic energies, energy storage, green mobility, energy efficiency and off-grid systems.

Over the next five years, Gamesa will invest up to 50 million euros to buy stakes in companies that are developing the most promising technologies for the next generation. The green technology investment is financed by a venture capital fund.

The Jilin facility, on the other hand, is expected to have an initial capacity of 500 MW, and is considered as one of China’s most important wind resource hubs.

“Gamesa continues to tap into the opportunities being thrown up by the fast-growing wind power markets such as China,” José Antonio Miranda, Chairman and CEO of Gamesa China, said during the inauguration ceremony.

The wind turbine company’s “commitment to developing its platforms locally spells job creation, the nurturing of a local supplier network and contribution to the region’s social and economic development, as will be the case in Jilin,” he added.

Since 2006, Gamesa has been working on various agreements related to wind farm developments in the Jilin province.

Gamesa has started installing wind turbine facilities in China a decade ago. To date, there have been around 3,000 turbines in more than 60 sites built by Gamesa.

These projects have also provided more than 1,200 jobs.

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