Galaxy S2 – iPhone 4S – Galaxy Nexus Compete

October 20, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

There is an interesting selection of mobiles on offer to users, with a great deal in power and highly capable multimedia capability. Although the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the HTC Sensation XE are making huge impressions on the market, a new contender for customer attention is the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, recently unveiled, jointly by Samsung and Google, two weeks after the Apple iPhone 4S happening.

Galaxy S2 – iPhone 4S – Galaxy Nexus Compete

The competition is interesting between the various models and most users will be looking for the device, having particular features that make it individually special. A Samsung Galaxy S2 is looking like the proverbial dream machine and began its marketing career like a rocket. However, some reports are showing that perhaps it is worth looking at more closely and objectively.

The Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus have innovative and attractive features, but will you be disappointed if the casings have a cheap, plastic feeling to it? Adding to this report is another contentious allegation that the battery casing is so thin it could be termed “flimsy”. This is where the customer is always right! If you are looking for a solidly built chunk of mobile phone, then perhaps the iPhone 4S would suit you better.

Processors with a 1.2GHz are incorporated into the Samsung Galaxy S2 and the Galaxy Nexus, with the Apple’s iPhone 4S using its own, proven A5 chip, as in the iPad. Various reports on performances of these devices are positive, showing they are smoothly, everyday user-friendly, with very similar performance factors.

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