Funded Housing Project for Migrant Workers Opens in Franklin County

January 18, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

A funded housing project in Franklin County, Washington will be open in time for the asparagus harvest this year. Officials anticipate welcoming migrant workers to the housing project, which was started quite a few ago to address problems related to migrant farm- workers camping at Ringold, a state land.

Funded Housing Project for Migrant Workers Opens in Franklin County

Officials said that the 96- bed duplex- style and worth $3.25 million housing project is going to be opened on March 1, 2011. However, some land owners in the area expressed some concerns regarding the development’s price tag and possible crime rate increase.

But according to a Washington Farm Labor Association member, David Manterola, the complex meant for single workers will be helping local farmers for the arrival of migrant workers for every harvest season.

The building development of the housing project is funded by some private money and a state Department of Commerce grant.

Washington Farm Labor Association, a nonprofit organization owns the building and manages the housing project. But, Franklin County Farm Bureau owns the land where the building stands and leased it to WFLA.

Monterola said that Franklin County has seed crops, asparagus, orchards, and other labor- demanding crops, which need large numbers of farm- workers from time to time.

The development consists of seven buildings. One of the seven will house the onsite manager’s residence. All of the 12 units have 2- bedrooms with two bunk- beds in every room, and a locker per person.

The housing project located at Road 170 and Ringold Road will be closed during mid- December until the first week of February— off season.

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