Four New Homes in Lawrence, KS Set Up for Low-income Families

February 08, 2011 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Watts Labor Community Action Committee— an agency offers a homeless support services with shelter services and access center, primarily for low-income families living in Los Angeles, with Affordable Housing CDC Inc, its development partner. In the City of Lawrence, Kansas, additional housing units for low-income families will be constructed, which is assisted by a $475,000 grant that is awarded to the city.

Four New Homes in Lawrence, KS Set Up for Low-income Families

Lawrence City has also set up one location for the low-income families’ home project with the help of Tenants to Homeowners, a local nonprofit organization with a mission to empower tenants to become homeowners.

The said location is set up on 2123 Rhode Island, a vacant lot. Locations for the remaining three housing units for low-income families are not yet decided.

According to Lawrence’ director for Development Services, Margene Swarts, the city can construct new homes for the grant or just remodel old homes and buildings for it.

The homes are intended to low-income families, but students are also welcome to live in them.

Students can rent, but provided that they meet certain requirements set by the city.

To avail for the home units, individuals must apply for eligibility and meet income requirements. One of the units will have to meet 50 percent of Douglas County’ average annual income. The other homes will require home tenants to meet about 80 percent of the annual income, but actual value depends on the number of family members.

Official for Tenants to Homeowners, Rebecca Buford said, the organization hopes the low-income families who’ll rent the homes will actually own it.

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