First Look at Amazon Kindle Tablet

September 06, 2011 / Sally Hunt, Home Devices Expert

Amazon’s next iteration of the Kindle is to take a step away from the standard e-ink display sporting reader we known and love, instead evolving into a 7 inch touchscreen tablet-esque model that will be powered by Google Android. However, the new device will be unable to access the Google app market, or indeed benefit from future Android releases.

First Look at Amazon Kindle Tablet

Details of the fabled device have been leaked following a hands-on inspection by a reviewer. According to the initial details, the new Kindle looks quite strikingly like the BlackBerry PlayBook.

It has been suggested that Amazon had initially planned to ship a 7 inch and 10 inch version side by side, but chose to focus their attention on the 7 inch model which is set to launch in October, with the latter to follow next year.

With a price on or around the $250 mark, the new Amazon Kindle will be far cheaper than any of the key players in the tablet PC market, including the PlayBook which currently retails for $450 even after a $150 price cut.

As it stands, the new Kindle looks set to compete with a range of devices that fall somewhere in-between the fully fledged tablet PC and e-reader worlds, currently fronted by the Nook Color. Such devices have been criticized by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who claimed that they are nothing other than at attempt to curry favor by price alone, given the fact that nothing can touch the iPad in terms of performance.

Either way, the $250 price is likely to see the new Kindle fly off the shelves and soar straight to the top end of the Christmas sales charts, so regardless of criticisms and cynicism, Apple are set to have quite a battle on their hands.

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