First Ever Green Home in Plantation City Break-ground

March 16, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

The city of Broward County, Florida, will be having its first ever green home. Community officials and staff attended the groundbreaking of the green home — a way to promote sustainability and energy efficiency in the city. The team, lead by architect Lisa Synalovski designed the home a year and a half earlier — integrating green initiatives and eco-friendliness above stores and government buildings.

First Ever Green Home in Plantation City Break-ground

In Canton, Illinois, another home with energy-design is built recently, which is integrated with as many sustainable designs as the builder can put in it. The green home was made possible Habitat for Humanity Fulton County encouraged by Habitat for Humanity International.

According to Mayor Rae Carole Armstrong in a statement, Plantation City community has long been renowned for its green initiatives, and is happy to have Lisa Synalovski — owner of L. Synalovski C.B.C. Inc, to join the city’s increasing list of privately-managed green developments and projects.

The green home, according to Synalovski, will be completed summer 2011, and will be the model for additional green homes in the area, and hopes to attain a Gold certification from the Florida Green Building Coalition or FGBC.

Synalovski said that the green home is also seeking a silver “green” certification from the National Association of Home Builders.

In Florida, about 3,000 homes are certified by the Florida Green Building Coalition — only 3 green homes are from Broward County, while there are only 6 homes in the state certified by the National Association of Home Builders.

The green home’s feature include low energy windows, low-emitting paint and building products, insulated concrete, low-flow water fixtures, cooler attic space, and Florida native plants for its landscape.

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