Find the Perfect Property in Calgary: Commercial Real Estate

July 05, 2012 / Elizabeth Buckley, Commercial Property Analyst

One of the primary locations in which to search for the perfect commercial property is Calgary: where commercial real estate opportunities abound. According to Investment Property Databank Ltd., the top ten locations deemed best for commercial real estate are all in North America. This was determined based on a global survey conducted by the research firm based in London.

Find the Perfect Property in Calgary: Commercial Real Estate

There is one Re/Max professional in the real estate industry in Calgary Alberta who maintains a website that has advice for investors in residential property. Glen Godlonton has twenty years’ experience in investing in the residential sector. He offers tools of use to investors.

Search for all types of rental properties that will give a positive cash flow. Some of the offerings include townhouses in SW Calgary, residential homes, residential half duplexes, full duplexes, and high rise apartments. In NW Calgary there are townhouses, high and low rise apartments, half duplexes and residential half duplexes with suites.

Due to the elevated property values in this Canadian city, rental income and sales generated a 21.6 percent return. Oil and gas businesses are booming there, plus, there is a limited supply of property for sale.

Bill Hughes is the head of global real-estate research for UBS Global Asset Management. This firm has charge of assets in an amount close to $580 billion of property.

Other returns were London with property values increasing by six percent. In New York they appreciated by 8.6 percent. Canadian and United States were over the credit crisis that took place globally, twelve months after Europe did. China and various other Asian countries were not included in the survey.

There were nineteen cities that had returns over twelve percent according to the results. Denver, Boston and Montreal were included in that group. That level cannot be sustained as investors were only looking for a safe place to invest their money while local markets were threatened. The survey found Dublin to do the worst with a loss of 1.9 percent. Investors suffered losses there because the collapse in real estate values nearly wiped out profits from rental income.

Considering the past decade, Cape Town and Johannesburg returned 19.4 percent and 17.3 percent, making them best performing locations for making investments over that period of time.

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