Expensive Homes Sales Increase in Westchester and Other Villages

December 10, 2010 / Russell Legato, Residential Property Analyst

Brokers in Westchester County in New York have reported a steady sale of expensive homes for the past 11 months. The brokers said that the real estate market for expensive homes is acting if its spring time and not winter.

Expensive Homes Sales Increase in Westchester and Other Villages

There is been an upbeat reported in villages and towns including like Bedford, Chappaqua, and Armonk, which are known to have vast expanses of country estate and undeveloped lands.

According to a real estate firm in Bedford, Pennsylvania, about 22 sales in January to November 2010 for over $3 million expensive homes compared to only 11 sales for the same period in 2009.

Ghy Manning, owner of Vincent & Whittemore in Bedford said that buyers who hold-off buying expensive homes for several years are poised to buy recently.

Real estate buyers believe that the market is finally recovering from recession. Finance workers and foreign investors from Manhattan, New York are in the real estate market as well.

Sales for high-end expensive homes in Westchester picked up, but northern village, hamlets, and towns where there was been a decline in real estate had more intense sales.

In Westchester, recent sales include a colonial home with 16 rooms and five bedrooms, plus 8 bathrooms. It was listed for $3.475 million and got sold for $3.2 million after spending almost 1 year in the market.

Recent sales in Bedford include a brick house which is listed for $8.25 million and sold for $7.8 million in just one year, the expensive homes have five bedrooms and nine fireplaces, plus a swimming pool,

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