Energy Efficient Homes Built to Save 70% on Electric Bill

February 07, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

Sacramento-based housing developer — Pacific Housing Inc is planning to construct energy efficient homes in a housing community in Midtown, a neighbourhood just east of Downtown Sacramento. According to report, the energy efficient homes will saved as much as 70 percent lesser energy bill compared to normal.

Energy Efficient Homes Built to Save 70% on Electric Bill

Another sustainable home builder, Meritage Homes, an American real-estate development company that constructs single-family homes, constructs new energy efficient homes in San Antonio and Dallas- Fort Worth, Texas, which could save 60 percent on electric bills, according to a company information.

About 34 energy efficient homes are planned to be constructed at 25th and R streets.

The sustainable and energy efficient homes are said to be net- zero, which means they are supposed to produce as much energy as they consume.

According to the developer, Pacific Housing, such homes are said to be sold within luxury residential markets, but the developer’s housing project will be sold within the median family income’s affordability range in Downtown, Sacramento.

Price’s range for the energy efficient homes starts with $300,000, and will generate its electricity by using solar panels, which will also include smart meters and energy- efficient appliances.

Homes with solar panels will also have a storage system for the unused energy — a sequence of lithium ion batteries. The system will allow saving its produced electricity.

Average homes in the community is aid to save about $75 per month — about 50% to 70%.

Ground breaking for the housing development will be on May 2011 and first homes will be completed by October, which will be funded by private investor and bank loans, said Pacific Housing’s president, Mark Wiese.

The home’s renewable energy system is developed by Stockton, California-based Sunverge Energy.

Energy efficient homes are going to be constructed to achieve the highest LEED Platinum standard from the USGBC.

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