Electrical Firm Installs Energy- Saving Devices to Housing Community

January 20, 2011 / William Thomson, Green Homes Expert

An electrical services company has been awarded by a construction company to install energy- saving devices on its housing development in Macon, a city located in central Georgia. McShane Construction Company awarded a major contract of installing energy- saving devices to Integrated Electrical Services— a national provider of electrical and communications “solutions”, for a public housing community— Felton Homes.

Electrical Firm Installs Energy- Saving Devices to Housing Community

The public housing community is undergoing major renovations— “green transformation” to promote sustainability by installing new energy- saving devices in the community, which is headed by the Macon Housing Authority.

Partial funding of the project is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, which was allocated for green initiatives that include installing energy- saving devices such as the rooftop solar system and electrical infrastructure and lighting that IES will set up on each building.

After the completion of the project, all homes in the community will be equipped with energy- saving devices such as appliances, as well as energy-efficient insulation, windows and roofing, which is said to consume about 10 percent less energy.

Vice president of McShane Construction, Scott Hoppa said, McShane’s wide-ranging experience in the affordable, multi- family housing, and renovation markets will guarantee the successful completion of this huge reconstruction assignment.

IES is highly observed for its quality work, added Hoppa, and with its extensive knowledge of the communications and electrical systems installation methods and products, it is certain that the company meets McShane’s standards.

Integrated Electrical Services is known to install quality energy- saving devices from farms to office buildings and to housing communities across the United States.

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